Thursday, August 16, 2012

31WDC : Day 15

prompt: The girl with the golden smile and the coal black heart.

I used to know her well, better than anyone else at all. She and I were attached at the hip. We knew everything about each other and loved each other dearly. Or so I believed. All of the hugs and sleepovers, the talks about boys, friends, and so many other things, were not what I thought they were.

I always had thought she had a beautiful smile; it made her glow.

But one day, when talking about her crush, her boyfriend, I noticed a glimpse of darkness coming from within her. It confused me, but I wasn’t sure. I knew that something was wrong though, and kept my eyes open.

It was not long before I realized what was going on between her and the young man she was so very much in love with. Where I had always built strands of white light, cords of love, between me and other people, she had built twisted, tar like, sticky bonds that held him to her through a network of manipulation and lies.

I felt sick the day I realized that.

Now I paid more attention than ever, and realized that the bonds between me and her were faintly tainted at her end, but the white light of my love had kept them from becoming the twisted bonds I didn’t want. I shuddered and watched even longer in horror until I could not stand being around her.

I tried to speak of it to her, and she denied it straight to my face, as though she didn’t even realize what she was doing. And maybe she didn’t.

But to me she will always now remain, the girl with the golden smile and the coal black heart.

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