Sunday, August 12, 2012

31DWC: Day10

Prompt : The whisper of claws in the darkness.

Anasticia looked out of the cave, watching the moon rise. She hid in the dark, staying out of sight, her clawed fingers running over scaled thighs. She knew that nobody must see her, and on the full moon night, there was always a lady that came out to stare over the cliff’s edge.

At the thought, her golden eyes flickered to where she would first see the woman, and the lady walked into view, pale dress flowing in the breeze. She came to a stop with her back to the cave, staring out over the ocean. The steady sound of the surf pounding the rocks below was calming to Anasticia, but she knew that most people were terrified of the cliff. It was so very high.

Which was why she wondered why this woman approached the edge so readily that night.

Faintly, her pointed ears heard the words. “I join you tonight, my love.” And with a start she stepped forward, forgetting her form for a moment.

“No! Please, stay, live!” Her voice was only a hiss, her clawed toes scraping loudly over the rocks of the cave.

The woman spun around, eyes wide, and then, as the scrape came again with Anisticia’s next step, she squeaked and ran, back the way she had come.

Anisticia sighed with relief.
But now she would have to move, leaving only the beautiful woman to know that she had, in a sense, been saved by the whisper of claws in the dark.

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