Thursday, August 2, 2012

31DWC: Day Two

Prompt : A dwindling world below your weary feet.

I stared up at the bedroom ceiling, breathing even. Listening carefully, I could hear the quiet sounds of my friends around me. Their breathing was all the same evenness as mine. Neither of them were sleeping either. Quietly, I turned my head to look at the one closest to me, Amber. Her green eyes met my gaze in the darkness.

Without a word, she turned to look at Thomas, who was on her other side and he raised his head to look at me. Together, we paused for a moment, smiled, and looked at Amber. She grinned up at us.

Silently, we slid out from under the covers, changing from pajamas into jeans and shirts, shrugged on jackets, and paused to look at each other once again. Blue eyes met green, green met brown, and brown returned to meet blue. With grins, we shrugged on jackets and slid into shoes. My window was open, and the screen already popped out. Without a word, we climbed out the window, and with gentle thumps, landed into the garden outside.

Hand in hand, we stepped out onto the street, and with the moon above us, lighting our way, started walking.


I looked out at the world from underneath my baseball cap, marveling over how the world had changed since I had run away from my house. The rain poured down upon us where we sat. Green eyes turned to meet mine, and I smiled at Amber, her own cap keeping the rain from her face.

Turning, I looked over at Thomas, and his brown eyes gleamed. I reached out to both of them, and their hands met mine halfway. Even after the years of wandering, we were still together, brought only closer by the experiences we had shared. Our little triangle of power, wandering the world away, would always stick together.


The world was dwindling away slowly, getting replaced by concrete jungles and asphalt streets. They tore through our shoes faster and faster every year. It was getting harder and harder to just wander the woods. Cities were popping up from everywhere.

Brushing my long, shaggy hair from my eyes, I blinked and sighed, pushing up to my feet at the same time as Thomas and Amber rose to theirs. We were all dressed raggedly, old clothes put through hell as we wandered through all weathers.

Reaching out, our hands met once more, and my voice was soft as I looked back and forth, meeting green eyes, then brown. “What do you say, guys? One more walk?”

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