Thursday, August 9, 2012

31DWC: Day 9

Prompt: In the stillness of our imagination.

In the stillness of our imaginations, beautiful things can happen. We can build the greatest of things, and create things we’ve never seen before. Animals and creations of beauty and artistic skill. Games and wonderful things to pass the time. We can build cities from nothing, and from everything, create nothing at all. Amazing mixtures of animals, creations of the gods.

In the stillness of our imaginations, we can do anything. We can be the knight of valor, saving the world. Or even the soft lady of talent and power. We can be anything we wish. Even nothing at all.

But for all the beauty our imaginations bring, they also bring the dark things to us.

In the stillness of our imaginations, we create horrors as well. We destroy the cities we build with creations of things that explode, things that rip others apart and wreak havoc. Grotesque things of ugliness and creations that only wish to do nothing but evil…

But despite that… we create things of such beauty. Would we have the beauty without its opposite?

The price we pay for what we can create in our imaginations…that endless loveliness… is that it also can create our greatest nightmares...

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