Tuesday, August 7, 2012

31DWC: Day 7

Prompt: Now leave behind a life that's closing in

-It’s time.- Whispered the small voice in her head. – Time to go and leave. Go. Now. While the moon is full.-

She stared out the window that led out to the roof, looking at the brightly shining moon in the sky above. Stars surrounded it like sparkles. The voice was right. It was time.


The window slid open easily, and she stepped out onto the roof without a second thought. A bag was slung over her shoulders, and black cat slid out after her. The cat was smoky and insubstantial, flowing around her feet but not tripping her.

Her steps were soft as she crossed to the tree that was next to the house, and she grunted slightly as she shifted from roof to tree.

-Carefully, now, Mistress.-

“I know.” She muttered, “I’m being careful.”

Her tennis shoes left no scrapes on the bark of the branches as she climbed down to the ground. Here she paused, leaning against the tree and trying to keep her breath even.

-You can do it, Mistress. You already broke the spell holding you here.-

The cat materialized at eye height, walking on the air, and stepping down on her shoulders. The girl leaned her forehead against  the cool bark. “I know… it weak, but I still feel it constricting me… pulling me in.”

-Strength, Mistress.-

With a deep breath, she stood straight, and then started stepping away from the tree and the house. She had to get away from this life, the one of the normal teenage girl. The black, cat-shaped spirit on her shoulders alone made it clear that she was not meant for this. The book in her bag and the rest of her supplies made it even clearer to her that she was meant for something else.

Slowly, but steadily, she moved away, never looking back at the house as she stepped towards the forest. It was not her place anymore. She was headed elsewhere, away from the life that held her captive.

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