Sunday, August 5, 2012

31DWC : Day 5

Prompt : Your silver feathers shine diamond bright.

Who are you?
Shining so brightly above me…
Like diamonds in the sky, like stars.
I can’t see clearly.
So bright…
Light is everywhere…
So very bright…
I can’t see
And yet I can
Who are you?
Faceless, but somehow, that is not odd.
Are those truly wings.
Silver wings, gleaming shining
Is that where the light comes from?
It’s simply reflects, shines.
Are you mythical?
I can see you.
I can reach out and touch you.
I can smell… do you have a smell?
Hear…wings rustling.
Silver wings…heh…
So, you’re real enough, even if you are mythical.
But what are you?
An angel?
I’m not sure.
Who are you?
What are you called…
Silence is all that greets me?
Do you say nothing, then?
I suppose you’ve voice.
But you’re magical, aren’t you?
Mythical magical?
Can you not speak through thought?
I suppose that’s too much to ask.
I shall call you Sera then.
A name you have now, from me.
Where are we?
Is this heaven? Some in between space?
Ah, your wings sparkle so brightly.
It’s hard to focus.
Am I dead?
Am I dying?
Does it matter?
Well, yes.
It does matter
But if I am dying or not, I am here.
I know you, now, Sera.
Guardian or villain, you simply sit next to me
Shining, brightly
I don’t think anything so beautiful could be here to harm me.
At least, not yet.
You carry no weapon, but that does not mean much.
Hands can harm
Wings can too
And feet kicking out…that is pain.
But I feel no pain now.
And you make no move.
So I am…for now…safe.
Why am I here?
This place of strange nothingness
But it is everything at the same time.
It is a puzzle to be figured out.
I came here somehow, but don’t know how.
I am here for a reason, but do not yet know.
But I am here.
And I am
But I do not understand.
I do not have the answer to the important question…
Who am I?
I know what I am.
A spark of god-consciousness.
I believe, a human.
A soul.
I have a name, I’m sure.
I’m sure I have a purpose, or had one.
I now have at least a name for you Sera…
But can you tell me…
Who am I?

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