Sunday, August 5, 2012

31DWC: Day 3

Prompt: Close fast the iron door; turn out the light.

The sun was too bright, but thankfully, was setting. She squinted a little as she stepped out the door, shielding her eyes with her lashes. It was always too bright, even at dusk time, when the sky turned an interesting color of pink and the sun was no longer shining direct rays over the horizon. Looking up, she felt her eyes start to water, and growled softly.

“Damn this light. I should have waited-“ But she couldn’t have, and she knew it. With a sigh, she shut the door, and started to walk down the walk. Before too long, she turned off the concrete pathway, turning into the forest that was just off of her lawn.

When she reached the trees, in the shadows of the evergreens, she began to run, dodging underbrush with ease and letting her emotion flow out through her running steps. Tears formed in her eyes until her vision was so blurry that she dodged around trees on pure instinct, footsteps heavy. She didn’t know exactly when she had reached her favored clearing, but found herself collapsing to her knees, leaning over and panting. Her hands rested on the ground, fingers clenching the grass and ripping into the dirt as she felt hot tears fall from her cheeks onto her hands, soaking from there into the earth.

“Why, Cecil?” She gasped, a sob breaking through her control as she blinked, clearing her eyes of liquid momentarily. “Why?” Sitting back on her heels, she raised her face upwards, looking at the sky that was swiftly growing darker, no longer hurting her sensitive eyes.

Pain ripped through her as she felt the change begin. She let it flow through her, holding back cries and just letting her body shift. The searing pain of reforming bones and fur sprouting lasted only a short time in comparison to the pain in her heart. When it was finished, the she-wolf raised her nose skyward, letting out a soul-piercing, sorrowful howl.

Dusk had been Cecil’s favorite time, she remembered. Dusk…the time when the sun went down and the change became inevitable on those nights where the moon was filled with power. It wasn’t even specifically the full moon; a crescent could cause the shift, if it held power within it.

Standing, she let out another howl, ending in a short bark as she started to run, to hunt. She could still feel the overwhelming emotion, but let Wolf’s instincts take over. Food was needed. So she would hunt.

Paws thudded upon the ground as she chased after the scent of prey in the forest. Rabbits were plentiful this time of year, and she didn’t dare hunt deer on her own. Then, another scent came, a familiar seeming one. Human.

-No!- Part of her screamed. But the Wolf in her was merciless. Wolf needed food, and such things, humans, were weak, and thus prey. They were soft skinned and slow. Wolf took over, and the human in her shrank back, hiding in the darkest, farthest corners of her mind, where it would not have to witness the bloody massacre that would happen.


When she awoke, she was back at her house, curled up in the fetal position and shivering in her garden. Sore, but full, she retched slightly at the thought of what was inside her stomach, and whimpering, made her way slowly to the house, slipping inside to the dark house. She moved slowly, slinking as if she were the lowest of the low, and made herway to the basement.

“Remember Cecil.. Never go out again on a night you change.” She whimpered, as she closed the iron door of her basement behind her. The weak light from the bulb was too much even, and she shielded her eyes from it as she made her way to where she knew the light switch was. “Close the door…turn out the light. Never again…”

Her fingers touched the switch, and all went dark.

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