Monday, August 13, 2012

31DWC : Day 11

Prompt: Your loveliest lie is the sound of your lips on mine.

Her black hair fell past her shoulders as she smoothed the silky cloth of her nightgown. She ran a brush through the dark locks as she sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for her lover to come home. Again and again her eyes would flash to the clock, only to find it growing later and later, and once again, he was not on time to be home.

Eyes watering, she set the brush on the bedside table, fingers curling into fists. He was always late recently. Her hair fell in front of her face as she leaned forward, wiping the tears from her eyes with delicate fingers. Anger was blossoming within her heart. She had known that her lover would not remain faithful, but it still hurt. And now, her hurt was swiftly turning to anger, and her anger would grow into rage. The image of him with a beautiful woman who was not her made her fingers curl into fists.

Silently, she waited, hair hiding her eyes.


It was not long before she heard the door close, and familiar steps coming down the hall. His blond hair was easy to see in the dim lighting, but she was nothing but a shadow. As he walked into the room, she looked up at him, letting her lips curve into a smile.

He started a little at the movement, but then seemed relieved. “Baby, you shouldn’t have stayed up for me.”

Her voice was sweet, as if she wasn’t so angry that she felt like stabbing him. “I missed you though.”

“Well, just let me shower, and then I’ll come to bed.” There was an underlying note of his voice that was almost pride. He thought he hadn’t been caught. But he paused by her, leaning down to brush his lips over hers sweetly.

She watched him go to the bathroom, waited for the shower to start running, and then moved silently on bare feet. Her hands picked up the white towel he had laid out, twisting it around until it was a tight rope in her hands, and then moved to the bathroom.

“Baby?” His voice questioned as she opened the shower door. He was still facing the wall though, head under the showerhead.

Expression full of anger, she moved swiftly, kicking at the back of his knee to make him drop. A yelp of pain and anger escaped him as he started to twist to face her, but she had already moved close behind him, heedless of the water soaking her nightgown. The white towel whipped over his head, and she twisted it in a full circle around his neck, pulling it tight. He struggled fiercely, but she had the upper hand, despite her slender body and weaker muscles.

Pulling tighter on the towel, she leaned down to whisper in his ear. “You played your loveliest lie for the last time. Goodbye, baby.” She waited for his struggles  to cease, and then a while longer, just to make sure.

Leaving him on the shower floor with the white towel around his swiftly purpling neck, she stepped out, leaving a trail of water on the floor. 

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