Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Light Within

Her eyes are haunted
Staring from the darkness
Blue orbs filled with emotion
Not quite.
But something.
Sitting in the shadows
Legs curled beneath her
Tears lace dark lashes like dew on spider webs
Scratches mar pale skin
Bruises turn it dark
The white gown she wears is torn
Splitting at the seams
Dirty, slathered with streaks of mud…
But if you look, truly look…
Deep into those soulful eyes
 There’s a spark…

And if you allow yourself to fall into that spark
It’s bright and glorious
Filled with an overflowing bounty
Of love
And joy
And strength
An inner fire that cannot be put out by anything
Not even the chain wrapped around her ankle
Tying her to the past

And if one stops to think at all
They can realize that it is this spark
This light from inside
That keeps her sitting there…
Reaching out…
Trying to get back from the shadows…
And into the lit path

It is within all of us
This light, this endless, infinite light
So many never discover it
Never have reason to discover it
To reach into it
Feel the power they possess
But some people find it
And as they struggle with their problems
The reach out for help
And find their greatest help
Within themselves.