Monday, February 20, 2012

Bond Not Broken

I'm staring at the flames,
as the past comes back to haunt me.
The fire steals my thoughts away
and I shiver in the breeze.

I thought the bond was broken,
I'm startled to find I'm wrong.
The bond is mostly severed,
but it's not completely gone.

Obsession still lingers,
over everything that's said
it rips and tears my mind apart
with emotions that should be dead.

Jealousy is a hindrance
the echoes through my life
anger and spite are dangerous
causing only strife.

The wind whips up around me
pushing the flames higher
and I can see my reflection in them
my face is in the fire.

Something that I've wanted
ends up in another's hands
and I don't know how to react
I'm not sure where I stand..

Until I started to realize
I could have that with ease
To desire is to receive
to doubt is to make it cease.

But I value something else more
and that's what really matters
because the independence I've found
is what keeps me, in a sense, better.

So, staring into the flames
I'll slowly let it go
Let the feelings burn away to ash
Let the mirror start to heat and glow

It'll crack in the flames, 
and melt back into sand
And with a single, last sigh
I'll let go of that last remaining strand...