Saturday, November 19, 2011

There's Nothing Left

The mirror's cracked and broken
it's shattered on the floor
so many words are left unspoken
said only by the slamming door.

The wounds have healed  over, 
the scars are what remain
memories are buried deep
and they bring solely pain.

No smiles come when I think of you
No laughter is brought to my eyes
for much of what I remember
was really all a pack of lies

Passion faded into gray
like ice cooling my soul
I've very little left to say
for this drama is getting old.

I had a choice to make
one that only I could choose:
to live a lie for friendship's sake
or for my own sake, lose.

There's nothing left for you here
No sympathy, no love, no life
Sticking around for any longer
will only bring you strife.

So toddle off little missy,
we've made our choices, separate ways
So move along your drama-path
To you, I've nothing more to say.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Random Inspirations

I've found that while working, I have bursts of inspiration for writing. Nothing large, but small notes. I end up writing them on receipt paper, since I've nothing else to write upon, but it is writing nonetheless, and I find it interesting to look over later, small tidbits and little notes of my thoughts. I've written them on three different days, and I've decided to share them here.

-I prefer my own world to the one that is called "reality." It's safer, warmer, filled with loving people and wonderful, sunny days where I can do whatever I wish. None of this boring work stuff.

-Your name will be forever engraved  upon my heart. it will always linger on my lips. I will remember eternally all the times we enjoyed. You will never leave me, just as I will never leave you.

-Sound thudded through her ears, reaching down into her soul: the double beat of his heart. A sigh of content ran through her, every muscle in her body relaxing against her chosen mate. His gentle breathing and warmth lulled her into a deep sleep.

-Never mind what people say behind your back. You're running faster than them anyways.

These are only a few, out of about 20, but I think I'll save others for later. <3 Goodnight.