Friday, October 21, 2011

Rant: Men

He's....just too obvious. Every time he has a day off he texts me and tries to bribe me with things that he doesn't seem to really know anything about or really have. Then he calls me. I never pick up. It's like a vicious cycle or him trying new, more desperate and stupid bribes, and trying to impress me with feats, such as watching Avatar from beginning to end, multiple times, because some how, I guess, it's sexy....

Men naturally rooster around, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't be naturally ready to barf a little in my mouth every time it happens. I think men kill brain cells.

You won't believe the newest bribe he tried on me.

He asked me what I was doing, and I told him I was playing Alice. He told me he had both and he would let me play the first if he felt like being "nice". It's like he wants me to beg. 

"Oh great one, supposed holder of things I supposedly want the most in this life, will grovelling at your feet allow me passage to that which I supposedly desire? Or shall I grovel in your bed? Oh, be still my beating heart, this is the man who read a whole manga series in a day; who knows a good series from a mile away!... And who thinks he can woo she who cares not for such boasting. You, sir, are proof of a man's pure and undiluted idiocy. Pffft... "

-Rant from a friend, Solily. 

I could not resist. It was too funny. To guys, I don't always share this opinion, nor does it apply to all of you, but to some, yes it does.XD I post this for amusement, not to insult or such.