Tuesday, May 31, 2011


 I am the Queen of my destiny, Ruler of my life and Leader of my soul. I am the Empress of my reality, the Maker of my world. I am the Princess of my own pride, the Hero of my story, the Creator of my path. I am the  Light in the dark moments of my life,  and the Guide through my Forest of Eternity and my Mountains of Ever-lasting. I am the Maiden: young, youthful and strong. I am the filly stepping away from the herd. I am independent, and bold, fantastic in my amazing ways. I am intelligent. My time is now. I am here; my life has begun; my mind is my own; and my soul my only guide. I am the maiden, the early crescent moon, slim and beautiful. I am worth the world and more, embracing it with an open mind and heart.

I am birthed anew from the cocoon, a butterfly drying her new wings. I am the fledged eagle, feathers finally growing to wings. I am spreading them, preparing for the leap of faith I will take off the branch to fly. I am changing, growing ever stronger, ever more beautiful. My life is here.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Animal Inside

The bloodlust had struck again. I hadn't been able to help myself when I'd come upon the small group of helpless people. My white fur was soaked with blood now, paws and jaws covered, red liquid dripping from my teeth. The coppery taste filled my mouth, and only made the want for more worse. I should know better by now, but it is so hard to not give in to the animal inside. Here in the mountains, where there were so few to witness and even less to find the remains, it was even harder.

My paws left red prints on the rocks as I moved across them, leaving the carnage of the village behind me. I was hungry for more now. A glance back left me feeling disgusted with myself. Twenty people, and not one of them still alive. Not a man, woman or child. I was a disgusting beast. Curse the day that I had become a werewolf.

I lifted my nose, searching for something, anything. I could barely scent anything past the reek of blood and flesh coming from the village and myself. Part of me reveled in it, the violence, the taste of blood, human blood. But part of me recoiled. It had been this way for years. The predator in me happy in the carnage, and the human piece of me sent reeling with disgust. Shoving the animal in me down, I looked for a river. Where was water? I had to get away from this blood.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I'm walking through the hallways of my mind
searching for something I can't find.
I peer into doorways and rooms around
but whatever I'm looking for doesn't want to be found.

I wander on through hallowed halls,
lit by candles and torches on the walls.
Til late at night do I seek
through each and every door I peek.

Lower, lower through the ways
'til I cannot tell if it's night or day.
Windows are no more in here
it's just the torchlight, held close and dear.

And finally I find a door
one I haven't seen before
It's dirty, dingy, and fragile in looks
and surrounded by lots of little nooks.

There's a chain looping around and around
attached to the walls, the door, the ground.
With a lock that's holding it all together
a note by it saying "Leave it locked, forever."

I can't see around or through the door
but I know now that behind it is what I'm searching for.
I took back my heart, only to lock it away
and forgot too, where I placed the key that day.
It's mine again...in a strange fashion
since it still longs to be in someone else's mansion
But it's locked away, and won't open to me
the door opens only to the one who holds the key...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Silence

The silence hurts my ears.
Unspoken words hang thick in the air.
Thoughts of anger and pain roil around me.
Hurt turns to fiery fury.
Fury cools to calm.
It is not what has been said that pains me.
It is what has remained silent.
Words that stay silent poison the mind.
They rot inside and make me sick.
Spoken words, when heard, can be pushed aside
they can be left behind, or forgotten.
But knowledge only hangs in the air.
For everything that has been said,
there is another thought that remains silent,
a truth that remains hidden.
They hang among us,
they push us apart
they leave us empty, confused, and lost.
but thoughts can be written instead of spoken
they can be set free that way.
No longer hanging, poisoning me.
Now they lay on paper,
and they flex and flame.
The words burn, paper turning to ash.
I do not need to read it anymore
Fire sets the words free, and I can see them fly.
A weight lifts off of me.
My heart lightens
my eyes brighten,
my ears no longer hurt.
The silence does not torture me anymore.