Wednesday, March 30, 2011

She the Thief, and He the Knight

He came upon her by candlelight
She the thief and he the knight 

Sneaking around the camp she’d been
And while on watch, the knight had seen 

A moment more, and they began to speak
And she found her knees feeling weak 

This dashing man that she had found
Held her there, feet rooted to ground 

Another time, another place
A single moment in time and space 

They chanced upon each other once more
As she snuck through his house’s door 

In darkness she stole his heart away
For a vixen, a thief, she was that day 

But for all of her defenses, her walls of stone
She couldn’t keep herself from coming back to his home

Noble knight that he was, he too
Had stolen from her something of value

Her heart had been taken from her that night
In the same darkness, by candlelight

A knight he was, but a rogue as well
For he had stolen her heart, without a spell

Opposites attract, or so it’s said
As they curled with one another in bed

And as they laid there, curled
He said those ever fateful words

They came out soft “I love you.”
And her response? “I love you too.”

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Character

A new character came to me a while back. I didn't know at first who this character was... All I had was a quote, as if it had spoken to me in a dream.

"I hate others, as I hate myself. So leave me here with my hatred, where I can be content."

Sounds rather depressing and negative, doesn't it? And this character, for weeks, would not tell me a name, or a gender, or anything, save that said character hated. I found that this character was meant for a roleplaying forum that I participate in. Lupus Lacrimosus.A world of people who shape-shift into wolves, six different tribes, each tied to an element, and then rogues are wild cards almost. Fire, Lightning, Water, Ice, Air, and Earth. A war is going on in this world. Earth is Neutral, Air has withdrawn itself from all people, Fire and Lightning are allies, enemies of Water and Ice.

This war was the perfect place for such a character as the one who came to me. Through the weeks, she slowly opened up, letting me write down her character, and her history. It was a slow process, which was different. Usually, characters write themselves for me. (A little insane, I know, but hey, I'm a writer). But Maia Laia, as this character named herself, took her time in revealing anything at all to me. 

But reveal she did, and I found a character that while possessing of a good heart, cannot find it in herself to love, because, as her quote says, she hates herself. A product of rape, Maia was conceived by an Ice mother and a Fire father. Fire, passionate and angry, Ice, disciplined, cold, solid. Her mother allowed her to live, her father never knew of her existence, and she was dumped out in the world among a rogue settlement. Growing up, she was easy enough to care for, quietly compliant and passed around from family to family. but those who realized her heritage feared her. As she grew older, from toddler to child, she showed massive power in controlling both ice and fire, with an innate power for manipulating matter of any sort. The discipline of Ice with the passion of Fire caused her to be wonderful with learning whatever she wanted, and as she grew into teenager, she was always isolated, feared by her peers and the rest of the community. Only hatred grew in her. She could not love herself after knowing her mother abandoned her, her father did not care, and all feared her. She is constantly filled with a manner of hating life, but so passionate in hating it that she will not kill herself. 

So, now I have to wonder...what is it that made this character come to surface? Every character I've ever made is connected in some part to me, a piece of life I wish to explore, revisit, or see, or some other such thing that is in my mind. Is Maia the root of negativity in me? Is she merely a whimsical thought of how the world might be through someone's eyes who hates everything and lives in a limbo mode...not caring to live, not caring to die? I still haven't found the answer, and I don't know if I ever will.

Meanwhile, I'll be happy to let her speak, hear her voice (usually going "well this is boring") and write with her... She is certainly interesting...