Thursday, February 3, 2011

A dream

I stood outside this building, a plain, box-like building. To the right, there was a door, half hidden, and there stood my mother. She beckoned me to come closer.

As dreams go, suddenly I was right there with her. She took me inside and we were greeted by a strange lady. She had blond hair and seemed a bit rushed, wearing a plain suit of some kind like you see in a laboratory. She took us to what looked to a wall, and it opened into a small room. 

"Press the nail, three times." She said, and then looked over her shoulder. "I have to go."

I looked all over the room as the door closed, my mother was no longer there, and finally found the nail, a small indent in the wall. I pressed it once, and the door opened one floor down, and another person got on. Another time, and one floor down, and another person got on. Once more, and we were on the third floor down. Everyone got out. 

I was cautious, walking out of the elevator thingy, and came into a room filled with strange creatures of mixed animals, and many people in lab coats and safety glasses. My mother stood somewhere among them, and some other people I knew were there as well. The same strange lady, the blond that had greeted me, greeted me once more, and led me to an empty spot. Small versions, almost like carvings of animals rested in baskets. 

"Create something." She said, and left me too it.

I did something, and found this strange creature that I loved, though I can't remember what it was. And then I saw, sitting in a compartment, this strange mix. A bird, but a reptile.  Bright green, red,and teal feathers covered the creature, and it had to legs, a yellow beak, and a lizard like face. Softly, I held out my hand, which held a pair of beautifully colored butterfly wings. 

The creature, a Quetzalcoatl, hissed at me, arching its back like a cat and its eyes fiery with anger. The wings disappeared, and it was much happier, happy to come onto my palm, into which it fit perfectly. Inside, I knew this was mine. She was here to guide me, and to help me.
But my mother caught my attention. "Look what i made!" she called, drawing my attention to two reindeer creatures with qualities of other animals, about the size of a small cat. And after that, it was time to go. Sadly, the Quetzalcoatl could not come with me.In fact, she had disappeared; I could not find her. 

As I went back up the elevator and walked out, I awoke.

I'm not sure what to think of such a dream.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

To have had it, to have loved

The trust is gone
it's been cracked, broken.
Because of this
we haven't spoken

For a long time
so many were my friends
and now I sit, alone
looking at all the loose ends.

So many threads
cut, snapped, let go.
And there they lay
left behind, broken with one blow.

But like it's been said so many times
to all those who have something, who fall
It's better to have had it, to have loved
than to never had it or loved at all...