Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Soul Trip

My mind traveled far from my body last night
hundreds of miles from home.
First I was surrounded by people,
then I was in the wilderness, always alone.

Winding through all these cities,
brushing against the people.
They're like rivers among the lit streets,
each soul glowing like a single light.

Then, I moved out into the wild
where feral animals roam
through the mountains and forests to the beach
where the waves are topped with foam.

All alone I stood upon the sand, 
not another soul passed by.
The moon rose upon the eastern horizon
as the sun set upon the west, hiding its flowery lie.

The crest of the waves matched my breath
and the retreat matched the beat of my heart.
I walked forward into the waves, 
and let them wash me clean so I could have a new start.

Saltwater all around me,
cleansing through my soul,
everything seemed to slow down a bit
and warmth replaced the cold.

Worry left and gentile confidence remained
and all of my stress seemed to be gone.
So back through the wilderness and the crowded streets
until I was back in my bed, still alone.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why Do I Bother?

Why do I bother to help others out?
Why do I bother to try to be their friends?
Why do I bother to love other so much?
I know it's all going to come to an end...

Stupid people with their expectations
expectations that don't fit.
Stupid expectations and stupid rules
and they never try to change it.

Why do I bother when they just get mad
for me doing something I said I'd do?
Why do I bother when everything goes wrong?
it's not like its ever really worth the drama like glue...

Why do I bother doing anything at all?
Why do I bother letting people into my heart?
Why do I try to give advice and keep people happy
when I know that they'll just try to rip me apart?

I guess I'm just dysfunctional like that...