Friday, August 27, 2010

Broken Mirror Reflection

Eyes stare blankly forward
as thoughts overwhelm her brain
racing back and forth
she swears she's gone insane

Tears fall a little, one by one
The matters at hand hurt to look at
as if she's holding broken glass in her fingers
but the blood isn't red, it's just pure black.

Stuck there on the ground
she's scare to move at all
because it feels as though she's on a knife point
with one wrong move able to make her fall.

Thinking faster, ever faster
thoughts whirling around so desperately
She looks up for a moment, wondering
and her reflection in the broken mirror is all she sees.

Studying the face so carefully,
it isn't her looking out 
it's someone else, looking just the same
trying to figure what the situations about...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Don't leave me

Sitting here down on the beach
I can see the rocks within my reach
I can't stand to hear all these others preach
it feels so much like and energy leech.

So I come sit out on this beach, alone
wondering when it's safe to come home
Staring at the waters looking for fish bones
wondering what crops for myself have I sown?

So I start at the water, feel the wind, hear the waves
and I wonder just how much of everything can I save?
I shoo away thoughts of most people, every knave
and think of many things while I feel like I'm in a cave

Despite open sky above me and all
I feel like I'm in a cave, on a cliff about to fall
Save me, won't you from this wind's desperate call?
Because of my resistance, it seems to me that it wants to mawl.
Please don't leave me to this life on my own
I don't want to be stuck here, alone, all alone...

What happened to the companion that I remember so clearly?
What changed what he had, holding each other so dearly? 

I can't see quite right for some reason, seeking through the fog
I feel like I'm trying to step through a hopeless bog...

Sitting here on the beach, rocks surrounding me
I can't help but shift from right to left uncomfortably
The few rocks and the grains of the sand dig deep into my knees
as I stare out to the waves, please, don't leave me...


Distance slowly seems to grow between us
and why? I just don't quite know...
Was it something I did or something I said?
Was there something I didn't let go?

Is it just life rushing by so fast?
For all my thought it might be just that
Can you still tell me what's on your mind?
or have we lost everything even where that's at?

So many questions
running through my mind
where do I turn to next?
what is it that I might find?

Can we even begin to fathom
how deep our friendship is?
or did we already forget it
and let it come down to this?

Is there something wrong with what is there?
Has what we had already headed to nowhere?
I'm wondering so much what's in your mind
because I just don't know what I might find

But I want to know, so badly now
because now I know that I can figure it out
So I'll ask you openly, clearly, outright.
What is on your mind tonight?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Two Lovers

Two lovers meet in the dead of night
to be captured by kiss in the pale moonlight
Caught up in a tangled embrace
two lovers meet in such a wonderful place.
With gentle caresses and many a sweet kiss
it's not a night either one would dare to miss.
Two lovers love under the bright stars
with no thought of what they might become, but only of what they are
Cries of passion fill the air and sing to trees
so late at night, a time where none but the lovers see.
Stars above encircle the moon in the sky
their pale light would reveal any lie.
Two lovers lay, together, so close
they have so much more of something than most
Together they lay beneath the sky of black canvas,
covered in beautiful points throughout the spaciousness
Slowly, so slowly, the east begins to brighten
and then the horizon starts to lighten.
Soft kisses and quiet goodbyes
take so much longer with looking into the others eyes.
Two lovers part in the early morning light, 
each remembering fondly the dark hours of night.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Bottle It In

Bottle it up, girl, hold it in,
hold back the tears, keep on livin'
Life doesn't pause for you to grow up;
no matter what happens, life doesn't stop.

Heartbreak happens, move along
keep singing with the ocean's song.
Bottle up everything, pain, sorrow, tears.
Hold it back everyday, all your anger and fear.

Bottle it up, girl, hold it in, 
you can't give up on livin'.
Hold back every frustration
you can hold strong on this path of damnation
life doesn't pause for you to grow up
no matter what happens, it doesn't stop.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nothing left to lose

Days blur by
bleeding into one another
restless nights go past
and I stare to think "why bother?"
I'll just find another sleepless night, 
another one, filled with thought
but sometimes, I think these silent times
are really all I got.
I can't stand to sit and wonder
I can't stand not knowing what to do
But I don't want to know sometimes
because what I'm thinking about, I really have no clue...
So onward to the next day I ramble
onward to the night I move
A ghost, a shadow within the light
with nothing left to lose.