Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Theory On Love

I have heard through my years, as little as they might be, that love hurts. That love is harsh, painful, and from some, over-rated. So many fall in love, or like, and when it is time to move on, the one who hasn't been ready for it, gets hurt. And they decide that love hurts.

But I do not believe that this is true. Rejection hurts, heartbreak hurts, being left and abandoned hurts. Anger can be painful, guilt can cause pain too. But is the thing that fills us with joy, that makes us feel like we are on the top of the world, and we could fly. Love is the thing that picks us up when we fall and places us back on our feet, perfectly balanced and happy. Love is the thing that makes our heart swell, puts a bounce in our step and a sparkle in our eyes that nothing else will ever be able to copy.

I have no proof to say that I have loved and been loved. different for each person. I am only sixteen, but I can say that I have felt love. It was true to me. I felt it when I was thirteen, though it was different for me then than it is for me now. I can see that. Love can change from romance to something of family, easily. I've done this one before....

Within the course of a few years, I went from someone's world, to just a friend, to ignored, a friend, ignored, a friend, and then last, a sister. It was an odd experience. But anyways.

Love is unexplainable. If you can state the reasons of why you love somebody, it is not love. It is simply like. If someone asks, "why do you love her/him?" and you can state "because of....*blank*" than it isn't love. Many people, especially teenagers, don't understand this. Thus you get the "Oh I 'm in love" stage of many people, when really, it's just like.

And people can e very important to you, and you can love them, without it being a romantic type of love. I personally know people that I love deeply, but would I date them, ever? No. Because I know that it would never work out to be anything more than friends. When people think of love, many think of boyfriends, roses, and romance, etc.

When I think of love, I think of the unconditional kindness given to each person. It's the care and the unconditional giving that comes with being a caring person. It is no more, no less than giving. It can be the giving of emotional support, material things, any sort of long as it is not required for that person to give back anything.

that is love.
That is love.
That is love.
that is love.

Love is the thing that lifts us back up when we are at our lowest. It is not harsh, it is not judgemental. It is trusting and giving, joyful and elating.
Love is what makes eyes sparkle, and smiles widen. It is something that everyone fears and hates, and yet wants more than anything else.

Love is...mysterious and baffling. It is what makes shy men bold, and confident women weak and vice versa. It can the strongest mountain of a man tremble, the weakest sapling of a woman stronger than stone.

It is a river, flowing through the lives of the population. And it is always there.
Love just is.