Wednesday, October 14, 2009


For those moments you wish you could forget,
for those moments that you'll always regret,
for the tears that are within your eyes
for the anger that comes with all of their lies.

For the smeared mascara and every "no"
for every cup of tea after the words "I told you so"
For those nights in tears with no one to hold
for those moments of love that were all pure gold

For the fear that overcomes in everyone's life
for the moments of laughter, happiness and strife
For the thoughts of suicide, depression and woe
for all the fake smiles while feeling so low.

For the imaginative stories and happy times
for those nights when we thought we lost our minds
for the boyfriends and bestfriendsa around the world
for the times we said something that'd make straight hair curl.

FOr the days and nights of life itself
for the books I read up on a shelf
for everything in this life that we know
no matter what, together we'll go.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It Can't Rain Forever

Loneliness creeps up inside
but still you feel like you want to hide
Despite potential lovers who
say they want only you.

No matter how they feel
Your heart, you won't let them steal.
Nothing serious, you promised yourself
As you pushed your love up upon a shelf.

But with so many possible loves
who knows what your heart does
pushed back there, in that dusty place
it's like you've fallen behind in love's race.

But stay on your path!
or face your heart's wrath
You're going down the right trail
So keep pushing on, despite the hail.

You can't get the good without the pain.
There isn't a rainbow without any rain.
So keep going, walking with this endeavor,
It's stormy now, but it can't rain forever.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


pulsing through my veins
causing so much pain
rolling in my mind
doing reacting all in kind.

leaving me to think
letting me just sink
keeping me alive
surrounding me like a hive

keeping me in the dark
keeping me searching for that mark
making me feel like failed
making me not want to tell my tale.

rushing though me so fast
Never ever
letting me think of anything but the past
Making me
feel as though my body is in a cast
like this breath is my last...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Don't Call Me Baby

To a certain someone...
Let's clear some things up:
1) I'm not your girlfriend
2) I'm not looking for a steady or serious relationship
3) You have no right to be jealous
4) I will not "go steady" with you
5) I will be dating other guys
6) I kissed you because I wanted to
7) You suck at making out...
8) Part of me wishes to do a favor for your next girlfriend and teach you how to kiss better
9) This does not mean I don't want to hang out, or be around you.
10) Technically, I am FUCKING JAILBATE!
-This means that you had better be fucking CAREFUL
-do NOT push the boundaries I set
11) I have no problem kicking your ass
12) I do not approve of drugs
13) Which therefore means that you aren't eligible as a boyfriend.
14) I do not want to lose you as a friend
15) You are not up to my standards of what I want in a guy.
16) If you want me, you better be willing to change some things.

Authors note: i'm being blunt here. I probably will only be so blunt on some of these things. I'd feel bad if I just told him that he sucks at making out. x.O seriously. Besides, he probably wouldn't believe me. Probably thinks he knows everything.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Forked paths

The fork in the road has been given to you
but only you can choose which one to take
I've laid out your choices, pointed to the doors
choose the one you think best for our sakes

Do you want to not have to work?
the one on the right is for that.
Or do you want me in you life?
then take the one on the left, give tit for tat.

You once said, whilst you were drunk
that you were sure it wouldn't have gone that way
if you had stayed with me,
it would've been differently.

Another time you said
that thoughts of me helped you through
and while I'm glad to inspire you,
you have to choose now, what you want to do.

Seven days, six nights,
that's all the time you have
Choose the choice you think best
the one that won't make you go mad...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Confusion to Clarity

Swirling swirling
through my brain
circles, circles
driving me insane

Slower, slower
calming down
faster faster
along the ground

And then with
a sudden jerk
it all stops
no sound perks.

I understand
what I should do
But now I know
what I will say to you.

It's all clear
crystals shining bright
It's no longer blurry
filled with pinpoints of light

Clearness, freedom,
It's wonderful feeling
Tears of happiness go down my cheeks
and on the ground I'm kneeling

I finally figured it out
One more chance,
I'll give him that
But let him know that this one's the last.