Tuesday, July 21, 2009

If asked...

If asked why I love him
I would only smile,
and turn and walk away
to think of it for a while.

And when I returned,
I'd say that my heart
couldn't explain the reasons
of why I hope we never part.

I could say why I like him
and point out how I feel
But you could never understand
how love is so very real

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where is my love?

Where is my love?
Where is my hope?
Where is my reason to live?
Where are the doves?
Where is the slope?
Where is my reason to give?

How far down
have I fallen now?
How far must I go?
How far now
have I flown?
How far? I must know!

Where are the arms i remember?
Those arms that held me tight.
Where are the people I miss so much,
where have they gone in the dark of night?

Where is my hope so happy?
Where is my love so true?
Where is my reason for living?
Where, oh, where, are you?

Trapped here, in this dark dark place,
I know nothing of what to do.
So tell me please, tell me now,
how do I find you?

Alone, helpless and ever enduring,
I cannot stop my pain.
I know not the time or place
that I will see you again.

So hold me in your heart love,
hold me there, stay true.
In the end I'll always come
I'll come right back to you.

Sometimes i feel so alone

Sometimes I feel so alone
like no one understands.
Its at these times that I find you
right by my side, holding my hand.
Fingers clasped tightly
you'll walk with me through life
You hold my hand amidst the pain
amidst the grief and strife.

Sometimes I feel so alone
helpless, and insecure
and then you call and check on me
and i am reassured
that I am not unloved,
I am held close
You hug me tight and hold me
and the love you hold I know.

Sometimes I feel so alone
so lost without you.
i'm that helpless tiny moth
you're the light that I'm drawn to.
And when you're here
I feel love and joy
I lose the shyness, that silly thing
i no longer need to be coy.

Sometimes I feel so alone
and then I realize
that always you are there for me
All I have to do is look into your eyes.
A grounding hug, and helping hand
you're here no matter what
whether I notice you or not
you'll stop the blow, the strike, the cut.

Sometimes I feel so alone
and then I remember you
so similar we are you know,
it's like we're one in two.
Whenever I think no one knows,
I know you'll understand
and if I really need you there,
you'll be there holding my hand.

Sometimes I feel so alone,
and so lost out at sea.
And then i see you standing there
and it's practically all I need.
You're the brother that michael wasn't,
your an angel guarding me close
Despite what others say or think
You'd help me out, this I know.

Sometimes I feel so alone
so unwanted so unloved
I get this thought that no one cares
that my problems will never be solved.
And then I see you all
standing behind me
and I know that through thick or thin
you'd all be there to help me be me.