Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Best Friend

For the two people, who know who they are. My Best Friends, my closest peeps. I love you both dearly.

You're always there for me
until the very end
you'll always take my hand
because you're my best friend
You've always been with me
right there by my side,
you've always seen right through me
pointing out the times I lied.
I love you deeply
with all of my heart
and just as deeply
I hope we'll never part.

To my BFFs:
You're who I can run to crying, to have you ready to hold me, comfort me and kill whoever made me cry.
You're who I can call anytime of the day or night, to talk for hours about something I could've called you about in the morning.
You're the one girl I can see in the hall, and scream "I LOVE YOU" and not care if anyone thinks we're lesbian, just so long as you heard.
You're the only guy who can make me smile just by looking at me.
You're the people I can be myself around, without having to worry about what is being thought.
You're who I can make sex jokes with, and yet you know that I would never push you farther than you're comfortable with.
You're the friends that I know would go as far for me as I would go for you.
You're the girl that I would gladly go to the ends of the world, just to see you smile.
You're the only guy I've ever missed, five minutes before you have to leave.
You're the people that I can be with for days and never get mad or tired of your company.
You're the only guy that I've ever wanted to just be held in your arms, for no other reason than wanting to know that you love me.
You're the only girl I've ever been able to just curl up with, and know that you're the only unbiological sister I have that truly understands what I'm going through, even if it's just in theory.
You're the only people I've ever been able to truly open up to that aren't a parental figure of some sort.
You're the only girl I could live with and almost never get annoyed.
You're the only guy in the world who holds me like I'm the most precious person in the world.

So tell me that you love me
and show me that you care
and prove to me that you will
always be right there.

I love you

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I forgive you
I really do
For all things you've done
And everything you put me through.
I forgive you
for tearing me apart
for disappearing into a void
for breaking up my heart.
I forgive you
for all you've done
because despite my efforts
I haven't won.
I forgive you,
if you want to know
but can you forgive me?
Tell me before I go.
Can you forgive me
for hating you?
Can you forgive me
for not letting go?
Can you forgive me
for holding on?
Tell me please,
before everything's gone.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You're Still The Same

Yea, you were gone for a few years
went to rehab and more.
And now you're back, clean and sober
expecting me to just open the door.
I cracked it open, just to see
who was knocking there
and when my eyes caught sight
all I could do was stop and stare.
So stop for a bit, and talk a while
that's what I thought to do
but the first few words that came out
showed that it was still the same you.
Arrogance, you son of a bitch,
won't get you any place.
All it will get is me yelling at you
telling you to get out of my face.
I'm not the girl you left behind,
heartbroken and weak
I'm strong now, confident and whole
you won't find the chinks you seek.
So be careful where you step
because you're still on shifty ground
A single misstep, mistake or messup
and you'll be shoved out faster than sound.
I know my boundries now
I can slam walls up in place.
So once more, be careful where you trod.
Or you won't ever get me off your case.