Sunday, April 19, 2009


To my Beloved Rio
I miss you oh-so much.
I miss the way your ears perk up
and your cold nose's touch.
I love you more now that you're gone
and I miss you more too
I hope you hear the waterfall's song
I hope you know I love you
You left this world from a sick body
and I wish you could've stayed.
I know that it was time though,
When I came out, and there you laid.
Weak, and sick, your body was
ears deaf and eyes blind.
But I know, where you are,
you've left it all behind.
You said goodbye before you left
I felt your nose touch my cheek
and when I turned, I saw you there,
though my eyes had to seek.
I saw you, without the gray,
with teeth strong and white,
your fur was glistening, glowing with health
and I'll always remember that sight.
Don't feel obliged to stick around
to comfort me and my tears.
Go on, leave, go to your better life,
You don't need to protect me from my fears.
I'll remember you, my rock, my friend,
and I know you know I'm not lying
I'll remember you, my dog, my pal
until the end of time.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Angel. Dedicated to Katy

She's that girl over there
the one with the mud in her hair.
She's the one with a broken halo,
the one refusing to stay low.
She's the one with her finger in the air
cuz for the first time, she just doesn't care.
Her wings have blackened,
and her gaze won't slacken.
Her eyes light up with determined fires,
as she stands tall and calls her family liars.
And then she turns and walks away
not listening to what they have to say.
She comes to where I sit, alone.
And I smile because my Angel has finally come home.