Friday, February 27, 2009

I'll Remind You

You want to be reminded
of the reasons why you try

You ask why you hide your fear

and why you never cry...
You ask yourself why you care

and why you hold in your pain

And why, oh why, oh why oh why,
haven't you gone insane?

Here I say it,
here it is,
the reason for your grief.
I say it, here and now

so maybe you can have some relief.
You try so hard to be noticed
because there's no one else around
So you try and try and try
run yourself into the ground.

And I sitting by your side
sit and watch it all

I'm watching you run around

ready to catch you if you fall
And now all I have to say

is remember this one thing
Remember the amazing things in this world
remember the things that make you sing.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Black Rose

A single perfect rose
lying, still and black,
upon my table, in my house
and I can feel my heart crack.
Love? I thought once
that it was true
at least, that's until
I fell in love with you.
Love isn't real.
It's not a part
of me, of you, or anyone
not even in their heart.
If love existed, could you have left?
Could you have ever
leave me here, broken and silent
only regretting my endeavor.
How could you,
my one, my only
leave me here?
Alone and lonely.
A rose atop a letter
I never would read
I didn't have to
there was no need
I burned your words
I burned them apart
I burned the rose
and it burned my heart.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Special

Happy Fake Love Day
A single red rose, lying on a table
I stared at it, crying.
Tears were streaming, down my cheeks
and inside, my heart was dying.
I guess I wasn't good enough,
I guess you didn't care,
I guess I never really thought
that you'd always be there.
But still, you could've picked a better time
today of all days, come on, I say!
Valentine's day has just become
Happy Fake Love Day.
I can understand, I suppose
but couldn't you have told me straight,
not leaving me a note and a rose,
for me to find, when it's too late.
"Let go, please." You wrote
"It's not you, it's me." you said.
but maybe you should've thought of the fact
that you just ruined my's dead.