Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 17, 18, 19, 20

Saturday.I hung out with howard for a long time. It was great. Got home late. I don't really know what everyone else was doing. But I had fun.

Sunday. Got to help Miche train her horse, then went to a matinee with howard, marshall, ayana and semone. It was wonderful. Then I went to a concert thingamabob. Had a wonderful time. Tiring though.

Monday. Boring day. Everyone went to work, etc. I was stuck at home. Did my homework, and most my chores. It was okay.

Tuesday. Today was okay. School was fun. Didn't get to see the speech during the inogeration or whatever. Mom's out late, Reine went out with Brandon Miche's working michael's working...I'm kinda lonely. Miss ya'll


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Together Forever

You are the one that I couldn't find
Hidden away in the depths of my mind.

Why would I let you go, you're too good to be true
I'd never mess it up, cuz I know what to do.

I know that you are mine
I won't waste any time

I don't want to erase the past
I won't let this all collapse, in my lap.

When I say 'I love you' I mean it
but you don't always seem to get that bit

Just understand that I won't give you up
Without you, life isn't enough

I love you with my heart mine and soul
If you left, it'd take it's toll.

So stay by my side, here with me forever
Don't ever let us be not together.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

This Broken Heart Will Still Survive

Shadows fill my empty heart
though these chains hold me, whole, I'm broken apart.

Why can't they see past these scars?
Why do they lock me here, behind these bars?

The dawn is breaking, the sun in my eyes
But this broken heart can still survive.

I can work my way through the pain
though it nearly drives me insane.

I can feel how I'm broken inside
my shoulders weigh heavy, but I don't mind.

I push on through, to infuriate them,
I'll make them stop and take the blame.

This isn't the time to break down,
not after all I just found.

They can only get my body, mind and heart,
but my soul can never be broken apart.

This broken heart will still survive
I know I'll come out scarred, but at least I'll be alive.

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Angel Cries

I don't know how to help her
I don't know how to find the cure.

I'm watching slowly as her spirit dies
I groan in pain as my angel cries.

She's so beautiful, but they don't see that
They can't see her pain from where they're at.

They hold her tightly, wings pinned back
Her heart is breaking, I can see it crack.

A collar chokes her, round her neck
as she answers every call with "Just a sec."

A leash shorter than short holds her tight
She's falling down, she's losing her sight.

She checks the Caller ID, I know it's them
and as she answers, I cough up phlegm.

I have to hold back, lest they take her away
But it hurts so much, not having a say.

I'm just one of her "stupid little friends"
But they'll be gone, when I'm with her at the end.

I twist in pain as inside she dies
while I watch, my angel cries.

I want to scream in their faces
I want to show them my angels paces.

But I hold back, to protect her
I hold back and try to find the cure.

I want her pain to disappear,
I wish I could keep away her tears.

She hides it well, as she does her tasks
but I can see right through her masks.

I cringe, and feel as though inside I die
because I can't help, though my angel cries.

I do my best to keep her happy
but it's obvious she's doing crappy.

I blame them, it's their fault I know
I wish I could just take her and go.

Damn these laws that keep her inside
I hate to watch while my angel cries.

The day will come, when I'll get what I want
and then we'll leave, and they'll stop us not.

But until then, my angel's tears fall
I wish I could stop them with only a simple call.

I hold back my words, I wait for the day
when my beautiful angel will finally have her say.

And then we'll leave, she and I
and my angel will no longer cry.